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Par 4, 398 yards – 12 Handicap

The first hole at English Turn is set up in true Nicklaus Style playing to a fade. The slight dogleg right is deceiving off the tee with grass bunkers on the right and a lone bunker on the right. An accurate tee shot is required to set up your approach to green which is heavily guarded on the right side by bunkers.


Par 5, 539 yards – 18 Handicap

This is a very fair par five for your second hole with sporadic bunkers guarding the right side on your tee shot and lay up, if you choose. The expansive waste bunker protects the left side of the hole and is a natural barrier from the water’s edge. The green complex is open in front to run shots in and surrounded by grass bunkers to catch errand approaches.


Par 3, 199 yards – 14 Handicap

The par three third hole will require an accurate tee shot for a chance at birdie as the front and left side is guarded by three strategic bunkers, while the right side and back is protected by a wraparound bunker.


Par 4, 345 yards – 10 Handicap

This is a short and challenging par four with a choice off the tee to go center fairway with a fairway wood or utility club or challenge the right side with a diver. The player must carry the lagoon and front bunker of the fairway off the tee, which leads to the intimidation of the hole. This three quarter island green will challenge the best wedge player on the approach with a small front right tier leading up to a severe undulating green complex.


Par 4, 445 yards – 6 Handicap

The fifth hole is one of the longer par fours on the front side, yet very fair. An accurate tee shot is required to have a chance at a great birdie or good par. The left side is protected by rolling grass bunkers with an open rough field on the right hand side. The two tiered undulating green complex is lightly guarded by three bunkers which require accurate bunker shots to save par.


Par 5, 554 yards – 8 Handicap

The second par five on the front side is the longer of the two, with a challenging tee shot and risky approach. This hole requires an accurate tee shot over a center bunker while avoiding a deep bunker on the right and various deep grass bunkers. The second shot will require an accurate lay up to a narrowing fairway or a very risky approach to a severe two tiered green complex protected by water on the front side and grass bunkers in the rear.


Par 4, 446 yards – 2 Handicap

The longest and hardest hole the front nine is a slight dogleg right with a waste bunker protecting the entire left side of the hole and a tree lined right side with one evil deep bunker catching errand tee shots. If you succeed with an accurate tee shot the approach is over short bunkers which create a blind approach to a very fair green complex.


Par 3, 176 yards – 16 Handicap

The second par three on the front nine is slightly downhill with a three quarter island green and bunker protection on the front and backside. This is the most level green on the course, so if you can avoid the havoc the wind creates with an accurate shot you’ll have a good chance at birdie.


Par 4, 371 yards – 4 Handicap

One of the most challenging par fours and one of the shortest requires a utility club or fairway wood off the tee to a narrowing fairway protected by a vast waste bunker all the way up the left side. The right side is protected by a tree lined pond on the right side to an evalated narrow green complex.


Par 4, 423 yards – 9 Handicap

The back nine starts off with a very challenging par four with raised bunkers guarding the right side of the fairway on your tee shot. Then you’ll be faced with an approach over water to a raised green complex protected by bunkers on the left.


Par 5, 534 yards – 17 Handicap

The first par five on the back nine is a thought provoking dog leg left around a waste bunker which extends along the majority of the fairway. On the tee you’ll be faced with a shot that needs to be placed between the waste bunker left and the water line on the right hand side. On the approach the fairway splits into two fairways with bunkers lining the center, be aware of the pin placement prior to making a choice to this raised green complex.


Par 3, 158 yards – 15 Handicap

The twelfth hole is the shortest par three on the course, yet still very challenging with a two tiered green with bunkers guarding the bottom tier in the back and bunkers guarding the back tier on the front side. This hole requires an accurate tee shot to have a chance at birdie or to save par.


Par 4, 376 yards – 13 Handicap

This is the shortest par four on the back side with bunkers and grass bunkers protecting the right side of the fairway which requires just a fairway wood off the tee or challenge the neck of the hole with driver. The approach is demanding even with a short iron to the kidney shaped green with a bunker guarding the front of the green.


Par 4, 467 yards – 5 Handicap

The fourteenth is a long challenging par four which is guarded by bunkers on the right of the fairway and deep rough on the left side. The tee shot and approach is straight forward. The green complex is slightly undulating with bunkers protecting the left and right side.


Par 5, 540 yards - 11 Handicap

The fifteenth par five is the signature hole at English Turn, off the tee the left side is guarded by a set of bunkers and the right by the lagoon. On the approach you can lay up down fairway or choose to go for the island green in two which requires tremendous accuracy and distance. The island green complex is protected by a bunker around the backside and one front left to catch errand shots.


Par 4, 430 yards – 3 Handicap

The sixteenth par four is a challenging slight dog leg right off the tee, which includes bunkers guarding the left side and a waste bunker running the right side of the fairway. The approach is to a very demanding shot over a bunker in the front of the green complex, with the green sloping away into grass bunkers in the rear.


Par 3, 206 yards – 7 Handicap

The seventeenth par three requires an accurate long Iron as it is the longest Par three on the course playing to a well-guarded green complex. The green is surrounded by bunkers on the left and rear, as well as deep grass bunkers on the right. In addition, includes a three tiered green with the back left being the most challenging pin position.


Par 4, 471 yards – 1 Handicap

The finishing hole at English Turn is the number one handicap hole as well as the longest par four on the course. The eighteenth hole was consistently ranked in the top five hardest holes on tour in the early years of the PGA Tour at English Turn. The tee shot begins with a challenging tee shot with a waste bunker left and a cluster of fairway bunkers on the right. The approach is equally as challenging to the undulating green just beyond the bunker which wraps the front of the green complex and individual bunkers across the back side. Many of the PGA Tour greats have celebrated wins on the eighteenth green including: David Frost, Ian Woosnam, Ben Crenshaw, Davis Love III, Brad Faxon, Carlos Franco, David Toms, and Vijay Singh.